Terms and Conditions

In order to reserve any form of entertainment we require payment in full within 3 days of booking invoice. Payments are taken thru an emailed PayPal Invoice and can be paid online with a credit or debit card. Please note no dates are held without payment.

At payment of invoice, Magical Events Face and Balloon Art reserves the date and time agreed upon and will not make any other reservations or accept any other clients for said date and time.  For this reason, in the event that there is a cancellation within 30 days of booking date for any reason, 50% of the balance shall be retained by Magical Events Face and Balloon Art in order to offset its loss of business. If the client cancels less than 48 hours before the scheduled event date, total balance is retained.
An event is only considered rescheduled if the alternative date is within 30 days of originally booked date. Magical Events Face and Balloon Art will make all efforts to accommodate reschedule alternative dates and $50 rescheduling fee will apply. In the rare circumstance that the reschedule alternative date cannot be accommodated 50% of the balance shall be retained by Magical Events Face and Balloon Art in order to offset its original booked date loss of business.  

Artist is not responsible for late guests or client day of party delays and these circumstances do not change our duration time scheduled as specified in the booking invoice. The Client may ask the Artist to continue service past agreed upon time, but the Artist has the right to approve or refuse. If the Artist agrees, additional charges will be due for additional time requested.

Any Parking Fees should be validated or reimbursed to artist at arrival to the event.
If the event is located outside of Magical Events Face and Balloon Art service area, which is 30 minutes of zip code 28078, travel charges will be assessed depending on location, but this will be discussed prior to booking.
It is the Client's responsibility to provide a safe working environment for Artists. Artists have the right to stop any service and walk away without refund if any working conditions threaten them or their property and no refunds will be given.
For outdoor events Client is responsible for providing an area with protection from the sun or any rain (a 10x10 pop up tent is recommended).
Client is to ensure adequate lighting at indoor and outdoor events and a small table should be provided.
Client shall provide adequate crowd control measures during the Entertainer's performance. Entertainer is not responsible for controlling lines. At large events entertainer has the right to close the line to ensure he/she finishes at the scheduled end time.

Artist is not responsible for any complications resulting from an allergic reaction to the paint or materials used. Only FDA-compliant paints and cosmetic-grade glitter are used for face painting. Children with skin allergies or skin sensitivities may not participate, or they must request that Artist perform a patch test at the start of the event.  For safety reasons, Artist will not paint children under the age of two if they do not want to be painted.  For safety reasons, Artist will not paint anyone who has, or appears to be sick or has a cold, runny nose, cold sores, conjunctivitis, an infectious skin condition, eczema, cuts or open sores on the face. Artist takes care when applying paint but takes no responsibility for damage or transfer to clothing or any property.
Balloon Twister is not responsible for any accident or injury related to any balloon creation that is caused by mischief or mishandling by clients, guests, or site-staff.  Also, not responsible for any allergies or reactions related to latex in the balloons.  For safety reasons, Balloon Twister will not give a balloon to any child under the age of two, instead we will give the balloon to the parent of the child with a verbal disclaimer that balloons are a choking hazard if put in the mouth.